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Why Shouldn’t This Be The Moment?

Little boy about to stop in puddle of fountain

In his book “The New Earth” Eckhart Tolle suggests that we usually have 3 responses to the NOW. It’s either a means to an end, an obstacle or even–the enemy. The new testament definition of faith is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” What if this very NOW had … Continued

The value of laughing your age off

Rochelle and Errol and on ground stretching toward toes.

So let’s get down.  What are the benefits of “Laughing Your Age Off?” Through our unique not-patented process called “Quirky”–otherwise known as creative non-resistance, you will just find yourself laughing away many of those things that you tend to take way too seriously-like yourself. We can help you re-frame your experience so that you can … Continued

The Losing of Things Pt 2

THE LOSING OF THINGS Part 2 Since I last shared with you, I have discovered more possibilities involved in looking for things. For one thing, I realized when I lose A thing,  if I can wait till I lose another thing before I start to look  for the first lost thing, I can use the … Continued


Errol on knees looking for something under sink

THE VALUE OF LOSING THINGS I’m assuming you lose things…and it pisses you off.  You get scared. Maybe you feel guilty……or stupid.  Maybe you want to blame somebody else, but you know it’s your own damn fault.  Perhaps these phrases come to mind, “I just had it?”  “Where did I leave that?”  or even, “It’s … Continued

There’s No Time Like the Present

Rochelle as Madame Chalnella arms open with colindar on her head with two wires sticking out

There’s No Time Like the Present! Dear Friends and (I hope) fellow sojourners seeking helpful perspectives while traversing this rough and mumble lifetime, I’m blogging again after a two year absence (during which time I went through another inning of “Dark Night of the Soul- scored is tied.) But as Arnold Soldyournature would say, “I’m … Continued