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There am I, “In My Nature… in your midst!”

Beauty of Nature as a Spiritual Phenomenon

there am IIn the Bible, it states “Wherever two or more are gathered in my NAME, there am I in their midst”… There am I!

Did you know that the word “name” is actually derived from the word “nature?”

Now re-read, “Wherever two or more are gathered in my NATURE, there am I in their midst.”

What does it mean for two or more people to be gathered in “My Nature”? And, how does it work? How can we unfold the profound meaning of these words into our lives? How do we get to the essence? And, how do we BE nature?

For starters and to keep it simple, “My Nature” is love. So, when two or more are gathered in love? Well, there is the I AM presence. Sure enough!

But to go deeper, how do we know we are gathered “in love”? How do we know we are in that I am nature?

It is simple. When there is a free exchange/flow of energy passing between us, there am I.

We are talking about you and the Other creating a judgment free zone. You might even call this “rapport.” Or, you might call it “mutuality.”

And what is judgment anyhow? How does it interfere with nature?

It is any point of view that is interjected between me and you or us. It is any point of view that is interjected and stops the free flow of energy.

Now, if you’re feeling any kind of resistance in any relationship? Know that there is some kind of interfering judgment going on…

Identify it, confess it.

(This part takes a little courage. It also takes tact and practice!). You let it all go. And, get back to the flow! Get back to “My Nature.” There, you discover that “My nature” is in fact, “Our nature”…

Et Viola! The Holy Spirit shows up! There I AM.

A deep and unimpeded connection with another person is an invitation. It is an invitation for the Spirit of Truth. It is an invitation. Not only to show up in your relationship. But to take charge. Go ahead, try it out. It really works!

Think on’t. With a little practice, the Holy Spirit shows up regularly.

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