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When Things Go Awry

Rochelle upset with 2 fists clutched

One Woman’s View of the Elephant WHEN THINGS GO AWRY by Some of the things that went awry, when things go awry:  The electricity was turned off at the worst possible time. I worried that I would lose a few hundred dollars in frozen food.  I was scammed for $54,000..  My boyfriend broke up … Continued

Bliss–Swimming Naked in a Body of Water

Rochelle Coy look

Bliss, Swimming Naked in a Body of Water: One Woman’s View of the Elephant The first memory I have of bliss–swimming naked in a body of water–was around the age of 6,7.  I was just the right size to fully stretch out underwater while taking a bath. It was blissful!  I was completely immersed in … Continued


Rochelle looking out

One Woman’s View of the Elephant Beauty Beauty surrounds me demanding my attention. My physical body comes to a halt and I feel my heart expand my vision. There is a stillness within me as I absorb the blueness of the sky acting as a back drop to the branches of tall trees in silhouette, … Continued