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Errol & Rochelle looking against blue sky looking out

We at the Laughing Heart have a mission to accelerate consciousness through art, humor and by embodying the higher spiritual principles that many of us believe and aspire to–to play our part in conscious evolution.
As many of us who have been on a journey of consciousness have found, it is easier to read, think and talk about these principles, but getting them into our lives–well, that’s another level.

What I have come to realize is that it first requires recognition and motivation, then practice and ongoing support.

Once we recognize what we want to achieve and equally as important where we are in our growth and awareness, we can forge ahead. But, we have to start from where we are.

I have found that the creative process is the most efficacious way to move forward in our growth.
The term used in NLP is “pattern interrupt.” Something comes along to disrupt an habitual way of thinking and acting. That is what art and humor can achieve. They arrest our attention and that allows a new and different perception to appear.

Here is what Jeshua (Jesus) had to say about this process:
“Jesus taught the appeal to the emotions as the technique of arresting and focusing the intellectual attention. He designated the mind thus aroused and quickened as the gateway to the soul, where there resides that spiritual nature of man which must recognize truth and respond to the spiritual appeal of the gospel in order to afford the permanent results of true character transformations.” The Urantia Book, 152:6.4

Please consider using anyone of our creative tools and our creative approach to personal growth and problem solving. Let us hear from you. And check out our resources on this site.
Errol Strider