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When Things Go Awry

One Woman’s View of the Elephant WHEN THINGS GO AWRY Some of the things that went awry:  The electricity was turned off at the worst possible time. I worried that I would lose a few hundred dollars in frozen food.  I was scammed for $54,000..  My boyfriend broke up with me.  I had cancer. I … Continued

Bliss–Swimming Naked in a Body of Water

One Woman’s View of the Elephant Bliss:  Swimming Naked in a Body of Water The first memory I have of being naked in a body of water was around the age of 6,7.  I was just the right size to fully stretch out underwater while taking a bath. It was blissful!  I was completely immersed … Continued


One Woman’s View of the Elephant Beauty Beauty surrounds me demanding my attention. My physical body comes to a halt and I feel my heart expand my vision. There is a stillness within me as I absorb the blueness of the sky acting as a back drop to the branches of tall trees in silhouette, … Continued

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is what you gain from the past that you apply to the present to make a better future

What About You?

Click Play button above to Listen   WHAT ABOUT YOU? Will you participate with me in the quest beyond the known? Will you walk by my side as I ascend the mountain of trust? Will you accompany me through a vision beyond sight? Will you bear with me as I transcend the limits of self? Will … Continued

Always Available Now

Just as the ordinary becomes extraordinary when captured by the artist’s eye, so, too, each moment becomes extraordinary when we enter into the stillness of the Now.

What Is Significant?

When you make the person of God your significant “Other,” every other person you meet becomes significant.