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Sex, Money & God…Not Necessarily in that Order-Edit

A taste of Striderinnertainment. Excerpts from our show, “Sex, Money & God…Not Necessarily In That Order.” with Errol & Rochelle Strider
A live show filmed in Fairfax CA around 2009 with a much younger Errol & Rochelle
A video of the whole production is available on request.

“SMG…Order” includes the following scenes:

“CHEZ TRUTH” if you’re hungry for “the truth,” (for example, like past `sex money god`, you might enjoy this little French bistro that specializes in “truth.”

“REMEMBER WHEN”– a life from the sperm on…

“MONEY TALKS”—what can we really expect money to provide-really…?

“THE ATOM AND THE MOLECULE” –-the love affair that starts all creation–or,at least, some proteins.

“RELATIONSHIP PIECE”—this is the sex part of the show–PG rated–-what is the predictable pattern of relationships and what makes it possible for them to succeed?….you’ll be surprised.

“THE INNOCENTS” —two celestial observers take a look at humanity with love and lots of humor.

“HAVING” Greed and acquisitiveness embodied in this mime with a not so surprisingly distorted ending.

“ON HOLD’-–what can happen when, after reaching a point of desperation, you finally call God…especially when there are a variety of pressing incoming phone calls that you really have to take

“THE MEETING”—based on a statement by Martin Buber, “All real living is meeting.” This piece cuts to the core of what it is to really meet…with a Laurel and Hardy twist. (“Welcome to Sex Money God.”)

“QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS” with the audience, featuring the wisdom of the indomitable Madame Chanella”

Grandpa Errol Smiling

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