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Wisdom Nuggets–

Just add life experience, stir and apply as needed.

three littke kids eating ice cream cones with blissful look on their faced looking up eyes closed

Just as the ordinary becomes extraordinary when captured by the artist’s eye, so, too, each moment becomes extraordinary when we enter into the stillness of the Now.

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Errol Strider

If it weren’t for humor, we’ be in some serious shit here at The Laughing Heart.

You know, if it weren’t for humor…

As Rochelle Strider says, “When you can laugh at yourself, you’ll have fun all day long.”

On that note, feel free to throw us a donation for a cup o’ coffee so we can keep the laughs coming!!

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Sea Gull on Rocks

Spiritual living: Resists nothing, honors everything and engages the potential for creation in whatever shows up in your life.

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Both love and money offer a promise:

Money offers the promise of value that can be measured.

Love offers the promise of that which has immeasurable value.

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Stairs with plants outside

Life is evolution’s way of continually redefining “Better” and finding better ways to achieve it.

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Girls on swing with caption:

When you make the person of God your significant “Other,” every other person you meet becomes significant.

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Ducks & Pigeons by water Maarin Civic Center

Wisdom is what you gain from the past that you apply to the present to make a better future

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Resistance is what you add to pain to make it last longer and hurt more.

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