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What About You?

Errol & Rochelle looking at viewer asking

Click Play button above to Listen   WHAT ABOUT YOU? Will you participate with me in the quest beyond the known? Will you walk by my side as I ascend the mountain of trust? Will you accompany me through a vision beyond sight? Will you bear with me as I transcend the limits of self? Will … Continued

Feelings, the Language of Relationship

Bass Lake ocean thru trees

Feelings…The Language of Relationship by Errol Strider I speak fear so you’ll know I need assurance. I speak fondness so you’ll know you can come near. I speak anger so you’ll know my frustration. I speak delight so you’ll know I am here. I speak grief so you’ll know how deep is my loss. I … Continued

The Hour of Humiliation

Lock on door with caption,

THE HOUR OF HUMILIATION By Errol Strider The ego, standing up and preening strutting around the stage… in the mind, waiting for laughs and applause, like a comedian,, the fool! parading itself before spirited morticians, not understanding the need to be humbled, to be the fool, with no applause, just whips and scourging and thorny … Continued

There Was a Man Once

Click There Was a Man Once Audio to listen to There Was a Man Once Audio   THERE WAS A MAN ONCE By Errol Strider There was a man once, truly that. Who is known for the cross that he bore? But who laughed in the market And slept on the floor Who designed riverboats in … Continued

There is a Flow

There is a flow beach pic

THERE IS A FLOW by Errol Strider The audio version of “There is a Flow” is a richly textured sound experience, with music and sound effects by Jamie Kibben, narrated by Errol Strider.  Click the red box below to listen: Click “In the Way…..There is a Flow”–the video to see a much younger Rochelle and … Continued


Turkey Deer Lupin Lawn

I think of this poem, “Connectedness” as my calling card to humanity. The audio version of “Connectedness is a richly textured sound experience, with music by Charles Moselle and Errol Strider. We stand before and in the midst of each other… as individuals…. carved out of the space, the past, the bodies and experiences we … Continued


Errol red shirt

ABBA by Errol Strider I kissed my father and held his hand; that should tell you something about me and my theology. For me, Father is a fat face which makes me want to pinch the cheeks of Sid Caesar like my father, too funny for reruns even. But my dad cried for me, even … Continued

The Sound of Me

Mask sculpture

Press Play button above to Listen THE SOUND OF ME by Errol Strider What if I were to catch the sound of Me? Would it be echoes of storms in a cavern, Or the twang of a guitar string pinched between two nodes? Would the sound I make whistle as I rush to hear it, … Continued

The Path from Hopelessness to Hope

Outdoor stairs blue

A look at how hope can be recovered when lost. The Path from Hopelessness to Hope by Errol Strider Along one side of a steep canyon, I long for the rise, The view from the top; To see terraced hillsides As they descend onto green vineyards. The wall, so high, Seems like a block of … Continued