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What About You?

Errol & Rochelle looking at viewer asking

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Will you participate with me
in the quest beyond the known?
Will you walk by my side
as I ascend the mountain of trust?

Will you accompany me
through a vision beyond sight?
Will you bear with me
as I transcend the limits of self?

Will you walk along with me
and leave behind your weighty past?
Will you hear my point of view
though it clashes with your own?

Will you discern those subtle roads
that lead you back to the city,
And set off with me on ultimate trails
that end in a cosmical clearing?

Will you let go of the easier way
of dependable sights and sounds,
And abandon yourself to the sterling unseen
and the bountiful mystery of light?

Will we arrive together
on a crest overlooking time
Having transcended the tasty finite
and the surging appeal of matter?

Will you run along with me
keeping your eye on the goal before us
Trusting that you will not fall down
or will have placed your hopes in a fiction?

Will you join and harmonize me
by falling in unified step?
Will you blaze the trail of faith
as we follow the Infinite Way?


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