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Sex, Money & God is about…well….sex, money and God–probably not as one would normally regard these subjects–but then, that’s what art does. It re-frames our experiences so we can behold the familiar anew.

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“Sex, Money & God….”

“SMG…Order” includes the following scenes:

“CHEZ TRUTH” if you’re hungry for “the truth” you might enjoy this little French bistro that specializes in truth

“REMEMBER WHEN” a life from the sperm on…

“MONEY TALKS”what can we really expect money do provide?-really….

“THE ATOM AND  THE MOLECULE”-the love affair that starts all creation–or, at least, some proteins.

“RELATIONSHIP PIECE”this is the sex part of the show–PG rated–what is the predictable pattern of relationships and what makes it possible for them to succeed?….you’ll be surprised.

“THE INNOCENTS”two “outsiders” take a look at humanity with love and lots of amusement.

“HAVING” Greed and acquisitiveness embodied with not surprisingly, a rather distorted ending.

“ON HOLD’-what can happen when, after reaching a point of desperation, you finally call God…of course, there are a variety of other incoming phone calls that you really have to take

“THE MEETING”based on a statement by Martin Buber, “All real living is meeting.”  this piece cuts to the core of what it is to really meet…with a Laurel and Hardy twist.

“QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS” with the audience, featuring the wisdom of the indomitable Madame Chanella”