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The healing theater of Errol and Rochelle Strider:

Family Baggage

A highly acclaimed theatrical production that is at once therapeutic, uproariously funny and deeply moving, Family Baggage deals with addictive behaviors, relationship and our less than perfect family systems in a very entertaining and provocative way. (More like Saturday Night Live than a therapy session!)

Through their performance, the Striders provide a radically different approach to healing and recovery. The effective use of humor and drama, mime and story enables the audience to understand as well as feel the way to greater freedom and acceptance. Approximately 2 hours.


If you really knew, you’d be laughing

…the performance that takes you beyond Family Baggage.

As Family Baggage dramatizes addiction, co-dependency, abuse and dysfunctional families, “If you really knew, you’d be laughing,” gives insight and direction to build self esteem. In the same hilarious format, this who deals with how we find inspiration, strength and understanding to become more healthy and functional human beings. In comedic, dramatic and improvisational vignettes, characters come to recognize their connection with their inner source of power and discover the paths they must travel to live free, joyful lives.

“If you really knew, you’d be laughing,” portrays viable optiona to people genuinely seeking wholeness. Running: Approximately 1 /12 to 2 hours.