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I’ve been writing poetry since I was in 7th grade…too embarrassing to share that poem, but a definite step on the way.

My poetry writing really accelerated in 1971 after I had made the decision to use my skills and talents to try and communicate a viable spiritual perspective.

I think my poetry often tends to be more intellectual than visceral, because I tend to think more of concepts than sensual impression, though there are plenty of exceptions.

As a result I’ve written many poems that, I hope, reveal both the depths of the human struggle and the heights of which  humanity is capable.  In between those extremes I’ve written many poems about people, circumstances, my impressions of the human condition and my own struggles with being human.

Here’s a poem about my writing poetry.

The Poetry of Being

Sometimes I write a poem
And sometimes I be one.

I stand up and curve my stance,
toss out variables into an otherwise linear conversation
to see if an image returns.

 Sometimes I am a metaphor for myself.
I wipe away yesterday’s image
and appear on the stage
all dressed up
in a new costume simile

 I shadow regular everyday perceptions
with distortions in expectation
            (tailing a bumper down the road
            honking “Dixie” on my horn
            or some other off kilter tune)

Anything to remind us
That where we think we’re going
is not so important

            as the poem we make getting there.