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Right Answers Wrong Questions

HOW TO GET THE ANSWER TO YOUR BURNING QUESTION? Don’t assume you know the right question to ask. Like this cow. She’s asking, “Will you take that annoying green thing off my ear?” I don’t know how to do that. Right answers wrong questions. But if she is asking, “Will you take my picture?” She’s … Continued


Once you start off on a spiritual journey, you will be assigned several companions. One of them is “Yeah, but…” Every time you attempt to step more fully into self-realization and spiritual intent, especially in the early stages, you can pretty well count on “Yeah, but…” to show up at your door. As expected, “Yeah, … Continued


AND HOW DO YOU FIX IT? I asked myself the question…is there a specific, even single impetus for the mass amount of dysfunctionality experienced by humankind? “Yes,” came the reply from the digitized burning bush, “Just type in the following letters in this particular sequence (not case sensitive) and you’ll have your answer.” “Okay.” “B-E-T-R-A-W-A-L” … Continued