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Embark on a spiritual journey and meet your companions. These include the ever-present “Yeah, but…”!! When you strive for self-realization, expect “Yeah, but…” to show up often. It’s usually accompanied by a chorus of doubts and worries. Errol looking half-concerned, with one raised eyebrow, in a black top hat and a black sweater, as he contemplates a thought beginning with the but phrase

Today, as I welcomed this troublesome beginning of a thought into my mind, I aimed to focus on another companion, “Why Worry? God’s got you covered.” However, our pesky friend but-phrase returned with his entourage of negative thoughts and arguments.

This internal dialogue often leaves me feeling overwhelmed, as “Yeah, but…” bombards me with worries and doubts, offering no solutions. Instead, he fuels anxiety with justifications and arguments against faith and trust.

Despite my attempts to explain that I trust in a loving and supportive higher power, “Yeah, but…” persists in its skepticism, citing past failures and projecting future calamities.

While “Yeah, but…” may present compelling arguments, he conveniently overlooks the fact that worrying doesn’t prevent life’s challenges or guarantee success.

In contrast, “Why worry? God’s got you covered” offers a different perspective, reminding me of the inherent wisdom and support in surrendering to divine guidance.

As the internal debate continues, our pesky but-phrase attempts to justify his position to itself. And it does so with dire predictions of failure and hardship. Yet, I remain steadfast in my belief that worry only drains energy, and hinders problem-solving.

In the end, our dear ol’ friend “Yeah, but…” may present a convincing case, but his arguments are ultimately counterproductive. Instead of succumbing to worry, today I will choose to trust in divine timing and guidance.

Errol in his rainbow heavenly court jester hat with his funny whimsical smileSo, next time the ol’ but-phrase comes knocking, remember to question its validity. We have a choice, Friends. That choice, is to embrace the peace of understanding from a higher power.

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