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There is a Flow

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THERE IS A FLOW by Errol Strider

The audio version of “There is a Flow” is a richly textured sound experience, with music and sound effects by Jamie Kibben, narrated by Errol Strider.  Click the red box below to listen:

Click “In the Way…..There is a Flow”–the video to see a much younger Rochelle and Errol l perform “There is a Flow” in 1978 with Rochelle leading into the piece with the poem, “In the Way.”

There is a flow.
It meanders for awhile, seems…aimless…
’til you’re in it.

Curving ’round impenetrable bends, slithers in valleys,
for outlets.

“Cast off! Keep her steady! Careful now. Leave go of the lines.”

Sub-connections for our flow,
intertwined connectors wrapped in cords of purposeful directions.
paddle wheel churns
and the flow moves upstream…downstream…
It coasts…and waits….

“Ease into the current, lads.”

“She’s a bit choppy, eh?”

“Never you mind. You want to get to port, don’t you?”

At one moment it draws,
another…pulls…lures…and yearns.
Often it beckons.

“Quiet on downstream there. Hush! Keep alive, lads.
Listen for the drift.”

I hear a ripple.”
“Ah, do you now? Where?”

Only the tension.
It’s looking for a home, a circuit to connect…
the flow.

“Ah, she’s alive and brisk and grand! See how she moves.
A real lady!”

It bends and gallops and sometimes nuzzles up to you,
but so tender.
You don’t know it’s there ’til you let go and fall in stride.

The flowing, live tension–
solid and invisible,
in motion, contactable
whispers, “Yes.”
reiterates…”Yes,yes…yes. It’s here. Ride in style.
Contact…encircuit…plug in.”

It bends!

“Steer to the leeward! We’re catchin’ up! Pull in! Pull in!”

“She’s hard to harness!”
“But ye cannot harness her. She rides free.
Ye must move with her, lads.”

It beckons…the flow…like a wind without a sail,
wanders…seemingly aimless
moving leaves
grass ripples
birds duck her strong hands,
but one sail is hoisted and she’s fulfilled…
Someone to move with her.
“She’s a woman satisfied, eh, lads?”

Filled full, both you and she.
The flow has intercourse with a soul.

“Let the sail out, too much wind!”

Sometimes she’s hot and fast,
not a good time to tap her…unless…you’re experienced
in the flow.

“Here, give me the helm!” shouts the experienced flow rider.

She won’t bend with you.
You have to give yourself to her.

“Where’s she comin’ from?”

“The source, Where d’ya think?
You learn, laddies, you’ll learn.”

“What do I do?”

Sometimes she can mystify; leaves you mouth open on deck,
but palms open and she pours through fingers.

“Only so much tension now.
She’ll tear you apart if you’re not careful.

There is a flow…

“But how can I go with her?”

“Her balmy thrust will lift you up.
It’s all in the will, lads, and the wanting.
Just let go and she’ll have ye.
The richest bosom you’ve ever supped on, I tell ye, lads.”

It’s in the will that we connect.
We stand female and must open our ducts and she carries us on,
our sails outstretched…like wings!

But the flow knows where it’s going, the one we want.
It moves with a purpose from the Source.

“Relax, laddies, she’ll not be got by force.
Give with her.”

She gives her power, but only to those who know the dynamics
of her motion.

“She’s got a will of her own, it seems.”

“Indeed, she is will.
The Will.”

“But we don’t want to go that way, do we?”

“Don’t worry, she’ll come ’round
Trust her.
She takes you to different places before she takes you home
That way, you’ll have more stories to tell your lass.”

How dull if she took us where we wanted to go at our speed.
She’s the mother of adventure…
the flow.

“Hold on now! She’s speedin’ us to port!”

Contact, encircuit…plug in.

“She’ll have you, but she’ll be gentle.”

She knows you…the flow…the Will.
Contact, hoist, decide, bend…stretch palms…give…flow
spread…to the heart…
and let it
……let it……flow……

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