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Letter to a Beleaguered Planet: Awakening Humanity

I found this remarkable letter in my files. I don’t know where it came from or how it got there. And yet, it’s urgent for awakening humanity: Letter to Beleagured Planet.

I hope you’ll not only take the time to review it. More importantly, take the message to heart. The survival of our species depends on it.

Good news: the ways you can participate and make the difference are revealed within.

awakening humanity through human connection like the two human hands joined underwater

~Human-Readable Transcript of the Letter to Beleagured Planet:

To whom it may concern,

We have been monitoring your progress for some time. We feel a responsibility to attempt to convey to you our perspective of your situation. You fail to appreciate your most hazardous predicament. As a result, you are not sufficiently motivated to take responsibility. There is an imminent dilemma of danger to your collective survival.

Naturally and rightly, you are aware of the possibility of planetary destruction. This possibility is made possible by your accelerated command of nuclear force.

What you fail almost totally to grasp, is the cause and effect between your individual consciousness and your collective dilemma. This is expressed as your social and economic order. Come to realize the far-reaching effects of your belief systems on your social order. Individual beliefs, biases, attitudes, and values, give birth to your intricate political structure. While, you cannot begin by changing the latter. Change the former.

You seem almost wholly unaware of the danger attendant upon your increasing obsession with money and power.

As we have observed on so many other planets, a civilization cannot endure this when its populace places such emphasis on material possession. And you do this while relegating the spiritual dimension almost totally, to ritual and intellectual construct.

We are almost in awe of how you could be so out of touch.

Not only with your spiritual nature, which is natural on such an immature planet as yours. With your physical self! You have a primitive sense of your bodies, using them primarily for vanity and sensuality. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with enjoyment, quite the opposite! What we’re concerned about is that you so often deny your bodies. You treat them with so little respect, imposing your own negative self-image on your temples of flesh.

We must point out that we are happy to see the positive transformations occurring in your institutions.

Yet, we are worried about the lethargy of the pace. And with how few of you are really progressive thinkers. If you couple this with the fact that you seem to be retreating into a conservative posture, then you can appreciate our alarm. You cannot recede to your past in the hope that isolationism, nationalism, and fundamentalism will preserve the old values or maintain stability. Stability as you envision it, is irreconcilable. It is irreconcilable with the increasingly rapid transformation. Worse: many of those of you with more liberal views, lack the focus and vision to make any real difference in your crisis.

It is a crisis. That is why we are sending you this communique. We have seen far too many planets in this situation. Thus we cannot feel confident of the outcome. It’s not that we expect your planet to perish. But it would be such a tragedy for you to lose so much of what you have gained, because of your spiritual immaturity. Unless there is intervention, the pattern tends to be consistent. You will experience planetary dissolution of an extreme nature, unless you take extreme steps to remedy.

Our point is simple. There is longer the luxury of thinking and acting as if you were separate from each other.

By doing so, you pay the price of the pressure of maintaining separation. It requires energy to keep things apart. Immense energy is consumed resisting gravitational pull. This pull exists on all levels of universe reality. Physical, mental, spiritual.

If you total this collective resistance, you can appreciate the enormous amount of tension your species is undergoing. The most vivid symbol of this collective tension is the amount of material and economic resources invested in defense and armaments. This energy is withheld from human needs. It serves no generative purpose for your development.

It is like an old dilapidated dam. It cannot tolerate an infinite amount of storage, and will come apart at the seams, while it cannot indefinitely withstand the weight of its own pressure. Either internally, or externally. Likewise, the belief you can live in isolation is false. The idea you can forego considering how what happens to your kin, effects you, is totally absurd.

You must engage in awakening your humanity.

You can still choose to awaken, in response to mounting tensions–debt, crime, starvation, the deterioration of your educational systems, the ineffectuality of your political regimes–they all stem from the fact that enormous amounts of energy are being wasted, maintaining separation from each other.

This separation is based on the insane notion that to come into union is to endure annihilation of separation. The false belief is that to be safe is to be separate. You erect belief systems and social structures to ensure this separation. Yet it is these very structures that enable separation’s validation. Do not remain braced towards a limited self.

Cultivate as quickly as you can the necessary awareness. This will allow you to know that your place in the cosmos is eternally secured. Now, many of you accept this on a theoretical basis, as an imagined future beyond your planetary existence. But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, you by and large, treat each other as enemies to be feared, despised, resisted, and finally eliminated.

It is no longer possible to continue to operate under these assumptions.

Recognize that you cannot expect to believe and act according to these premises on an individual level, without your attitudes and behavior affecting the entire human family. This posture of separation is affecting your entire evolutionary development.

Intellect has superseded the development of the heart. Your compassion for yourselves has not in any way kept pace with your technological advances. You must slow down your compulsive drive for technological conquest, largely motivated by your insatiable competitive appetites and extreme economic and personal insecurities.

Pay attention to your enormous but seldom-recognized need for spiritual and moral development. When we talk about human development, we are not talking about your childish efforts to gain the spiritual awareness of your forbears, through your supposedly sacred scriptures. We are not talking about your claim to the favor of God by sanctimoniousness. Or, your puerile concepts about sexuality. What we are talking about, simply, is being able to get along with each other. We are talking about committing yourselves to planetary progress.

Establish this as the new basis for your morality.

What can you do together to achieve higher levels of self-realization. Cease putting each other into little boxes so that you can conveniently label each other as enemy. You do so simply to rationalize destroying each other, however subtly or dramatically. Concentrate your efforts on finding out how you can live together in peace. You must do so with the same enthusiasm in which you build rockets to the moon, better computers, or create advertising to sell mostly useless, repetitive products.

In short, please grow up.

There is no longer the luxury of an idle and carefree adolescence. In fact, that is why you have so much trouble with your adolescents. They are not given any vision, and are seen and treated as consumers. Unwittingly, because of being children, they obligingly succumb to the highly-sophisticated seduction of your greed-oriented advertising.

You still think that by securing your self through money, power, and prestige you will achieve your goals and desires. We must again emphasize this point: you can actually have what you want, only by sharing it with others.

Each of you naturally has some sense of your identity. Identity is a way you define what is you and what is other. This can include your physical surroundings, what you own, people you identify with, people you consider part of your world, an educational system you adhere to, etc. When you try and keep control or hold on to what you believe you need to maintain your sense of self within, you use up enormous amounts of energy to resist loss, and to secure what you feel is yours. This energy loss is reflected in your rapidly deteriorating supplies of energy, and the great debts and inflationary trends of your economy.

Don’t you grasp that you cannot make a separation between your social, economic, and political dilemma and your moral/spiritual and psychological consciousness?

By trying to improve your lot at the level of your social-economic-political systems, you are dealing with symptoms. Effects. You must deal with your plight at the causal level. This way, you can heal yourselves. And you must heal, if you are not going to suffer the most dire consequences of your shortsightedness. You must in fact, acknowledge you need to heal.

Every man, woman, and child on this planet has this need. You cannot afford the arrogant assumption that because life for some of you is comfortable, agreeable, and pleasurable, you don’t need to heal. You are part of an organic whole. Where one suffers, all suffer.

We know, of course, that those of you who feel that your life is working according to the goals and standards you have set for yourself, that our words must sound like just another earthly sermon. One perhaps you have heard before and discarded as having nothing to do with your life. That is why we are conveying this message to you now. We want to give you our perspective of what is going on so that you no longer bask in the illusion that your lives are working for the best interests of the planet. Or even yourself, if you knew the truth.

We might point out to you the situation of one of your nations in the first half of your century–the German Republic–as a reminder of what can happen when people fail to take notice of enormous unmet needs. This social erosion and ever-increasing deprivation, along with the assault to people’s self-esteem when they are not gainfully employed, will eventually provide the soil for a dictatorial and destructive leadership coming to power.

It is not too late to awaken humanity.

Respond now to stop this tide of fascism. It is already beginning to make its way into your political system. It does so under the aegis of a “divinely sanctioned moral perspective”…

As if the Almighty would ever sanction the ascendancy of one group of beings over another, by the use of destruction, terror, and subjugation.

This is an alert, an entreaty. We beseech you. We offer our help in guiding you to the best possible avenues to the mandatory harmony. We would be sickened and saddened to see you enter into another major world war. However, that surely is what will happen if you do not stop what you are doing. Look around you, and take what measures you must, to change the direction you are heading.

And we want to reiterate and to emphasize the fact that the change must come from a change of heart.

All your efforts to manage the situation by manipulating the externals: treaties, balances of power, leagues of nations, economic adjustments will all come to naught. Awakening humanity can only be solved by attending to the core issue. That is your need to be aware of who you are in relation to the universe.

You mortals have nothing to fear.

The fate of the human race is secured. No matter your theology, the universe is created, organized, and managed by goodness. Ask how you can be of service to your planet. Each of you will surely be guided to the best possible place for you to express your unique gift. Making a positive difference is possible. Acquiring the motivation to serve is the quickest and surest avenue for your race of beings. If you adhere to this, you will achieve planetary salvation.

Please know that within you, you have access to the Source of all life. You have access to all the advantages that could possibly have for you. Fail not to avail yourselves of this benign strength and guidance. Know that your welfare is of utmost importance to us. It is of utmost importance, to those of us who have the responsibility of monitoring the development of your planet and the ascension of your species. We beseech you to listen.

Open your hearts, to accept the guidance offered. Humbly make whatever changes of perception, thought, and values which will allow you to bring peace, joy, and love to your planet.

We are ever at your service,
Friends of planet Earth

P.S. By the way, try not to take yourselves so seriously. Awakening humanity isn’t easy. Please don’t be insulted. Your species really can be delightfully humorous. If you should sense our laughter from time to time, know we aren’t laughing at you. We’re laughing with you! After all, we too were faced with similar challenges in our past. Perhaps we can see the humor in it better for having come through it successfully. For in the final outcome, your success, despite appearances to the contrary, is assured.

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