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Bliss–Swimming Naked in a Body of Water

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Bliss, Swimming Naked in a Body of Water: One Woman’s View of the Elephant

The first memory I have of bliss–swimming naked in a body of water–was around the age of 6,7.  I was just the right size to fully stretch out underwater while taking a bath.

It was blissful!  I was completely immersed in water, “from the top of my head to the tip of my toes”.  There was nothing between my body and the marvelous “perfect temperature” water that sometime even had bubbles

As I grew older and nudity was definitely taboo in public, at least in my society, I could at least swim.  The joy of swimming above and under the water in a crystal-clear lake fed by natural springs was the closest thing to bliss.  

My family owned a small stucco bungalow situated behind a stream that fed into that lake.  For 23 years every summer that was where I swam as long as the sun was out.

I became a very good swimmer. 

 I joined the water ballet club in high School.  I do think I swallowed at least half the swimming pool as I was being taught the techniques of water ballet.

It wasn’t bliss.  I just wanted to be freer in the water. 

What I didn’t realize at the time was that freer didn’t necessarily mean what I did but doing it without the constraints of a bathing suit

I don’t exactly remember the first time I, consciously, swam naked underwater but it awakened the bliss I had experienced as a little girl. 

 Only this time I was more aware of the joy that came to me as my naked body moved through the water.  I was able to create a sense of being one with its liquid essence; my body in it free, buoyant and joyful.  There was nothing inhibiting me from experiencing the full silky relationship my body had with the water. 

I was and still am in a state of BLISS whenever I swim naked in a body of water.


Thank you for allowing me to share my perspective on Bliss




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