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Rochelle looking out

One Woman’s View of the Elephant


Beauty surrounds me demanding my attention. My physical body comes to a halt and I feel my heart expand my vision.

There is a stillness within me as I absorb the blueness of the sky acting as a back drop to the branches of tall trees in silhouette, then casting their shadows as the sunlight glows in patches on the dry earth between them.

A hummingbird’s red crested head sparkles as his beak dips into the sugar water we place in the feeder for his nourishment and our amusement.
A golden light arrives around 6 pm in summer and creates a fairy land existence for my eyes.

In silence I watch a fawn suckling its mother’s breast as she nibbles on the grass.

The western sky at days end flirts with the clouds in glorious colors.
The turkeys fan their tails casting no doubt who is top gun in their pack.
Baby raccoons follow their bushy tailed mama across the asphalt road.
Red white, yellow, purple flowers adorn verdant leafy bushes.
Squirrels run up and down trees jumping impossible distances from extended limbs to extended limbs.
And the delight upon the faces of others taking in these same awesome sights of beauty.
Beauty opens my heart, expands my senses and asks me to enter its reality.

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