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The Striders’ Journey Continues 7-24-2016

Errol and Rochelle Strider walking away in mountains

Tomorrow Rochelle will have reached a whopping 77 years old, but she’s asked for another whopping second helping.

We continue to do our weekly radio show, “Insight Out–the Naked Truth”  Each week we feature a particular phrase (Exs: “I Should Have Know.” “Just Kidding,”  “Ya Think?” “Wish I’d Said That.” etc.-over 70 programs so framed.)

Each week you get to listen in to our private conversations, where we hope to be surprised with insight, funny perspectives and new levels of love.

Drop in some week: 7 PM Live Tuesdays or listen to the edited programs on the archives at the same website.

We’re still living and working at Lupin Lodge–a clothing optional resort/community in Los Gatos, CA. where coming to visit us is also optional.

I, BTW, have been made senior housekeeper here at Lupin (I think that means I’m the oldest housekeeper).   Since I have to clean the Yurts and change the bedding,  I have grown a sheet garden.

These are pictures of the more mature sheets that have grown to their full stature and are already being used to cover beds that people will sleep and fuck on.

Errols Sheet Garden

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