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The value of laughing your age off

Rochelle and Errol and on ground stretching toward toes.

So let’s get down.  What are the benefits of “Laughing Your Age Off?”

Through our unique not-patented process called “Quirky”–otherwise known as creative non-resistance, you will just find yourself laughing away many of those things that you tend to take way too seriously-like yourself.

We can help you re-frame your experience so that you can really see the humor and absurdity of so much that drives you crazy.

But wait!   More benefits!

You’ll lose weight. That’s right, by lightening up through laughter, all the unnecessary weight that you may be “amassing,” won’t have any reason to stick to you. Weight, for instance, that is a result of comfort food eating.
Why do we need to comfort ourselves? Usually because we’re not experiencing adequate love. By laughing at your woe’s, love automatically comes in to take their place. That’s right. The second that you have a good, full blown laugh, you are in the NOW, and that’s where the love is.

But wait! There’s more! Once you’ve laughed away your aging–in fact, the accumulation of toxic, dead perspectives about yourself and life, you will feel liberated and will be a source of love and humor for others, and you know how good it makes you feel when you can make others laugh. You’ll be the most popular kid in the neighborhood.

There’s more! Laughing your age off will make you wealthier. You betcha! Because, laughing at all those things that cause you to worry, will open up the space for abundance to flow through you. Worry blocks “the flow.”

You heard me. Abundance flows through you. That is its nature. Fear, worry and pain cause us to contract and hold on rather than flowing. As soon as you laugh at all that holding on-ness, you will feel a rush of energy and life–and that’s real wealth.

But wait, by laughing your age off, you will have more and better orgasms. After all, laughter itself is an orgasm for the psyche. I mean, even if you are highly orgasmic sexually, how much time can you do that. (“Lots,” you may be hoping.) But if you are aging (and we all are) you find yourself looking for more variety of orgasms.

Plus, by laughing your age off–at any age– you don’t allow toxic past to cling to you and accumulate as you grow older. Yuk! (Your farts will even smell better–like roses–well, at least not like the compost pile) So even a 10 year old, a fifteen year old, or 30 year old, let alone a 65 year old needs to laugh their age off.

I mean, what is age really– the part that we need to laugh off? It’s the stuff of life that sticks to us as pain, regret, un-forgiveness (unresolved conflicts), un-worth, blame, or grievances that we hold on to which slows us down and drives us into discomfort, disease and premature death.(kinda like a premature orgasm….well, sorta.)

So, by laughing your age off, you can even transform your relationship with death itself. That’s right. Who knew? Well, actually some of our greatest teachers knew, which is why any wise man worth his sage-ness would agree that ‘If we really knew, we’d be laughing.”Rochelle and Errol thumbs up


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