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The value of laughing your age off

So let’s get down.  What are the benefits of “Laughing Your Age Off?” Through our unique not-patented process called “Quirky”–otherwise known as creative non-resistance, you will just find yourself laughing away many of those things that you tend to take way too seriously-like yourself. We can help you re-frame your experience so that you can … Continued

The Losing of Things Pt 2

THE LOSING OF THINGS Part 2 Since I last shared with you, I have discovered more possibilities involved in looking for things. For one thing, I realized when I lose A thing,  if I can wait till I lose another thing before I start to look  for the first lost thing, I can use the … Continued


THE VALUE OF LOSING THINGS I’m assuming you lose things…and it pisses you off.  You get scared. Maybe you feel guilty……or stupid.  Maybe you want to blame somebody else, but you know it’s your own damn fault.  Perhaps these phrases come to mind, “I just had it?”  “Where did I leave that?”  or even, “It’s … Continued

There’s No Time Like the Present

There’s No Time Like the Present! Dear Friends and (I hope) fellow sojourners seeking helpful perspectives while traversing this rough and mumble lifetime, I’m blogging again after a two year absence (during which time I went through another inning of “Dark Night of the Soul- scored is tied.) But as Arnold Soldyournature would say, “I’m … Continued

Coincidences–What’s With That

I recently met a fellow named, Mitchell, who is really into coincidences. As a matter of fact, he’s so into coincidences that he’s built his whole life around them. That got me wondering, “What”s with coincidences?” We’ve all had them–an unusual turn of events that brings one unexpected phenomenon in relationship to another one, and … Continued

How Big Are We, Anyway?

If you look really closely at the picture, you might just see yourself.  Now look a little further to the right, then down a little…see yourself yet? I was fantasizing on my own physical presence from a distance of several light years away. And you know what? I appeared……………infinitesimal. Yes, this so very important and … Continued

“Thou Shalt Have No Other Addictions Before Me”

Idols, addictions, compusivities, obsessions–all variations on the same theme–looking for something in the finite to give you what is only available in the Infinite–your perpetually free being in a lively dance with eternal harmony. No wonder the Creator says, “Don’t look to anything from the world to give you only what I can give you–eternal … Continued