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What’s on Your Heart?

The question on Facebook in the window on your wall is, “What’s on your mind?”
If I were designing what I would call, “Let’s Face It Book”, the question would more likely be, “What’s on your Heart?
Or “in your heart?”
or even “around,” “under,” “besides”…your heart?
But, really, is there anything besides you heart? Really?
And what or who is beside your heart?
See, there’s a lot of heart information that just simply doesn’t get enough attention.
But mind? Mind stuff is good, mind is important…that’s cool, I want to say what’s on my mind and find out what’s on yours, obviously, I’m here doing it, but, heh, really…..
isn’t “Heart” just as important? Maybe even a little more “important”…
This brings us to the question of understanding the realationship between the heart and the mind. Which is supposed to be in charge? Which is servant? Based on what criteria? And who gets to decide?
And this is why we’ll soon be opening “The Laughing Heart Club” Indeed the Laughing Heart is a Membership Community, besides a place where people can come and have fellowship, celebrating the issues that have the most meaning for them and do it through laughter, fun, games, comedy and theater and deeply felt painful interpersonal confrontation…Just kidding.
Indeed some very lucky community will be the first home for “The Laughing Heart Club. It could be yours. Right now, though, we’re in Northern California, which is a hard place to leave if you’re a sucker for great weather and year round access to natural beauty.
But start it we will. We’re waiting for the stars to get aligned, and by stars, I’m not referring to the heavenly ones, cause I figure they’re already aligned….. no… I’m talking about the Earthly Stars–those people who are willing to be the Light of the World. After all, what makes a star a star? It emits light. And when that light is felt in the heart, that heart can go from being a heavy heart to a light heart.
And lighthearted people are the people you want to be lifting the weight of the world off its shoudlers? And what is the weight of the world?
Judgment is what is bearing down on us, the mass amount of misinformation that continually washes through culturel consciousness, utterly deceiving us into believing that we really are not All connected. Yes, judgment–imposing our point of view on other segments of reality without giving them the benefit of the doubt for being brand new in this moment (i.e. forgiveness) expressed by your genuine willingness to show up in the now.
And that’s exactly what time you can show up in your laughing heart? Right NOW! Just leave behind any judgment you have about anything or anybody, including your self, your’re there.
And if you need some help learning to do that, please come to The Laughing Heart Club (soon coming to a theater near you)
And if you’re ready to grow your laughing heart by sharing it with others, then, by all means (literally), come to the Live Laughing Heart Club! Keep an eye out…. and your heart open. The Inner Laughing Heart Club is just beyond the point of view that says, “What I really want in my heart…….. can’t be so.” the weightiest judgment of all.
All the more reason for lightening up your heart by feeding it lots of laughter by coming to the “The LAUHING HEART CLUB NEAR YOU.
Think on’t!

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