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What’s an Infinity to do? The Nature of Exchange…or…who needs money anyway?

What’s an Infinity to do? The Nature of the Human Stock Exchange(continuation of last Blog… “What’s Real and How Would you Know?)

Everything grows out of the nature and the quality of The Exchange.

Everything that happens occurs through an exchange. All life is just a bunch of never ending exchanges. All we ever do is exchange…exchange this air for that air, this water for that water, this saliva with that saliva…this car, this spouse, this idea, this emotion…all of it. All that is going on are exchanges.


Governments come into being as do corporations and all institutions to manage or at least attempt to manage, if not control, the exchange. Money exchange, stock exchange, chemical exchange, subatomic exchange, exchanging the purple dress one for the green one. Not to mention exchanging this body for not-this-body probably the most mysterious of all exchanges…exchanging this mortal perspective for an immortal one.
And then there is what appears to be the opposite of exchange, the withhold, staying attached to something…all attempts to solidify, bind, and control…to stop the movement of…the exchange.

The challenge is to manage and facilitate the exchange in such a way that, as Jeshua (aka Jesus) says, we keep the system in dynamic balance. Optimal exchange leads to an enrichment of those involved in the exchange, new formations, innovation and ever increasing complexity that must be harmonized with ‘the rest’ which in turn leads to a more abundant and variegated stew of life, which constitutes existence in the known universe…so far.
Every time we bump up against something, where we feel resistance, that is the universe calling to us to unfold, open up, receive, engage and be transformed through intercourse. Every lover knows this. Every artist knows this…the artist exchanges with her subject and out of that exchange comes the work of art. Lovers exchange and there is not only the potential for ecstacy but also for a brand new being. How’s that for a fantastic two for one deal?
So it is with people, with ourselves, with life itself. Consider that we are, in fact, the work of art obviously in process—and who knows what the completed piece piece will look like, or maybe it’s just never finished or maybe it’s “finished” in stages, in little bursts and fits, until we are called to evolve some more.
So, it looks like the medium is life,
Absolute Will is the artist,
we are the paint becoming the picture,


our will… the brush…


If there were not divisibility, how could there be an exchange? How could there be growth, change, diversification, manifest beauty.But if duality is essentially an illusion, what is going on in these “exchanges?” And how is it that we appear to be wrapped up in a package that is decidedly over here and not over there? This is me and not him, her and it? What’s with that? …especially if “existence is seamless” as it is purported to be?”
Self awareness is reality turned inward upon itself and differentiated– that love which continually flows out of the infinite exchange of love itself as the First Source Meets the Second Source in infinite discourse…love must inevitably spill inwardly/outwardly as differentiation…hence “duality.” So that every conscious, volitional self-contained, self-aware being has the potential to become as God…to become an all inclusive even infinite personalized universe…forever expanding through exchange…especially as it is understood that love is exchanged in the ocean of Spirit.
So, what’s an Infinity to do? Where is it going to spill if it wants to diversify, if it is already filling up everything…always? Why, the finite, of course. “What’s that? asked the infinity of itself. “What happens if I separate the “In” from the “Finite”…There you have it. Could that be what happened 13.4 billions years ago? So the “In”…separated from the “Finite” (knowing full well that that was impossible…hence the illusion, but what can be a really fun illusion…like putting an amazing puzzle back together…with the addition of something the Infinite could only dream about…Novelty…and indeed the infinite does probably and literally dream novelty it up…and that’s where you come in. Places everyone…the stage is set…time and space, you are invited to play your part…so keep making exchanges…the more fluid, the more ecstatic, the deeper and more penetrating, the more possibility for new Life…for an ever evolving “new you.” Places Everyone!



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