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What Is Your Story

What is the story you’re telling yourself that controls your life? The story that you’re starring in, that begins with the premise: “I’m separate from everything else, therefore, each man for himself. What I need is over there…I will try to take it, hold on to it and keep from losing it to others…..therefore, there is scarcity and I have to sacrifice to make sure me and mine are taken care of…” And I will sacrifice a lot to this cause… even if it kills me, and have as much fun as I can…and, oh, it will.

Who is making up the story…God? Evolution, Happenstance? Random-ness, the Democrats…Republicans… Terrorists? The powers that be?…those in control? The military, industrial (etc.) complex? You? Me? The Devil?

Who and what is running the show? Here below is the central unifying and motivating premise of reality as it shows up through evolution…conveniently in English in one compound sentence.

(Finally, the answer from Alfie)

“Free will contributes to the growth and refinement of the whole so that it can give birth to more and more free willing parts who, together, contribute to the growth and refinement of the whole, who…etc..”

“I beg your pardon!” You might be thinking, “Isn’t that a little simplistic.”

Think about it. Life is one continual struggle between self and the rest, trying to accommodate each other with a minimum of loss and a maximum of pleasure. And the tension between those two movements…the movement of coherence and the movement to fly off on a tangent…is what keeps the universe spinning. Welcome aboard. Time to get your sea legs.

If you are sailer, sometimes you get your sea legs by hanging out in the hole until you stop vomiting….

That’s one way…another way to get your sea legs is to practice rolling along the above-mentioned continuum…the dance between the whole and its parts with more and more grace…until you realize that that is all it ever was…a dance between freedom and harmony.

So, come across…and don’t forget to smell the flowers

Think on’t.

–Errol Strider, Artistic DirectorThe Laughing Heart(415) 459-4512

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