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What Does God Bless You Really Mean

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Stairs with plants outside that remind you of saying god bless you to a plant that you like in the way that you really meanWhen we say or hear someone say, “God Bless You,” what do we think we’re doing? What will happen?  Or who is this God?  And what is blessing?

I guess that getting a “Blessing” is receiving some goodies from God.  This could mean that God who has been busy either not giving blessings or has not been giving blessings to me and others until it has been asked for is now persuaded to impart blessings–wealth, love, opportunity, health, better conditions, relief from pain, free tickets.

But for a deeper understanding of blessing, let’s go to a famous source, the one who started off a bunch of sentences with the line, “Blessed are the….”–the Beatitudes from Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount.”

What are the values imparted in the Sermon on the Mount?

(Well, here at The Laughing Heart we ask questions like this one.)

For example, “Blessed are the simple, (used to be called “meek”) for they shall inherit the earth.” Now, to me, that sounds like a mixed blessing, because if I inherit the earth, well….then…..I’m responsible for it. Is that a blessing? Sounds like a heap load of responsibility?

On the other hand, if my job here on earth is to leave the planet better off for me having been here, well, then, inheriting and taking care of the earth is a good thing. Then I will have been part of the actual blessing for improving earthly conditions? This would be a great Earth Day blessing request, eh what?

What I think would be a really cool blessing shared from one person to another is to totally show up in the now, drop any agendas we might be tempted to foist on the situation and meet one another with the kind of presence and attention we have when we’re opening a gift–for indeed we are. After all, blessing is a gift, is it not?

Or to just keep it simple–if I have any influence on the Power that bees, may you and yours be healthy, happy and full of love, and may you be blessed with many opportunities to grow your soul (some of which may not seem like a blessing………ah well).

Those’ll work until we come up with some better blessings.

Think on’t.

What Does God Bless You Really Mean?

Andy Rumi funny looking character saying, Think on it

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