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Wake Up! It’s Decision Time in America

With the election coming up in a couple of weeks, we are reminded that it’s decision time here in America.  But, do we really understand what the choice is?  Some would say that the choice is between who and what to vote for.   Maybe…to some extent, but consider………….

I rather think the choice really is much more fundamental than that.  The choice is:  “Do we stay asleep at the wheel, harboring the illusion that somehow our political system ensconced in a greed-based economy can really attend to those issues that we most need adddressed?   Or do we realize that  we, as individual citizens (of the world by the way),  need to step up and participate with full consciousness of the impact of our choices because (and here is the pivotal transformational point) we have come to know who we really are..and that knowing can only be found in relationship to the whole of existence, including the evolutionary imperative and our relationship to Source and Destiny of Reality, the “ground of being”….love as life.

The Laughing Heart approach to this dilemma is to confront those ego-based toxic and unconscious delusions  through humor, art and metaphor, and by challenging those assumptions get us to see the absurdity of them and then to provide a more viable approach to universe reality by cooperating to become  more active and, especially,  creative participants.

So when you go to the polls, stop and ask yourself, ‘How conscious am I?” “Do what extent do I align with the fundamental forces of life? Evolution? God, if you will?”  “Am I willing to truly  take responsibility for the best possible choice in any given situation?”

Until we collectively agree to do that, we will to continue to “languish and stumble along in moral darkness” (according to The Urantia Book…and as the Urantia Book further states,) “A lasting social system without a morality predicated on spiritual realities (emphasis mine) can no more be maintained than the solar system without gravity.”

Think on’t.

Errol Strider, Protagonist

Wake up Americans?

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