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“Thou Shalt Have No Other Addictions Before Me”

Idols, addictions, compusivities, obsessions–all variations on the same theme–looking for something in the finite to give you what is only available in the Infinite–your perpetually free being in a lively dance with eternal harmony.

Never enough?

No wonder the Creator says, “Don’t look to anything from the world to give you only what I can give you–eternal validation of your being along with endless possibilities for development, and just to sweeten the pie, eternal adventure and unlimited satisfaction.
You won’t get that from your brief stint on planet earth. Forgetaboutit.” saith the Lawd.

“Lawdy, lawdy! What’s an anal compulsive to do?”

Surrender. Cast off and start swimming into the open sea of love which is happy to support your every stroke. (not give you a stroke–unlike earthly addictions–to risk a cheap pun).
The Laughing Heart is all about providing the tools and inspiration to guide you into a liberated life, which at the very least is to let you know that a transcendent life is available.

Next we encourage you to let go of the worrisome life you’ve may have been living and enter the dynamic seas of the unknown where creative possibility is the way of all being.

Need some hints as to how this works…check out our radio shows (see radio archives above) our videos (see above) and watch for live events coming to your area. Or just email us with your concerns:

This is just the beginning, folks. We’re heading for a new future–a new world–and we can only make that world happen by helping each other break those old unhealthy habits and replacing them with positive habits of thinking and being!
Listen to this song for a little kick-butt invigoration!
Headed for the Future

So stayed tuned. Tune in. Tune up!
Blessing abounds.

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