July 27, 2021

The Laughing Heart

Recovering Hope, Faith & Love Through Strider "Innertainment"

The Surprise Gift Inside the Gift inside the Package

What is the essential Gift we share at the "Gift Exchange" time of year?

Okay, here we are: Christmas, 2010, shopping, preparing dinners, traveling, feeling stressed, joyful, alone, lost–God knows what?
So my question is always,
“What’s the most we can make of this moment, since it is commanding so much of our attention?
Just think of all the wrapping paper that will be cleaned up tomorrow? Let’s face it. There’s a lot of wrapping, unwrapping, encountering the gift, having our reaction to it/them, our thoughts/feelings about the people who gave us the gift, and of course as the gift givers, eager to know if out gift has been well received.
And then on to dinner or whatever is next?
Now, stop for a moment and ask yourself, what is the Greatest Gift that can be shared? You already know the answer. And if you pay real close attention this Christmas day, you will recognize that all the worldly gifts, are, themselves, just the packages, which must be unwrapped. And once you’ve unwrapped those packages, you will find–what? The loving intent behind ALL giving.
And the good news is that Loving Intent doesn’t leave messy wrapping paper to be disposed of and the gift of Loving Intent can be shared any day that you choose to make…………

The Forefer Flow of Loving Intent
Christ Consciousness alive in your heart!

Merry Happy!
Laughing Hearties.