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Awaken the Will Power Flower

AWAKEN Will Power Conditioner

Brought to you by The Laughing Heart

by Errol Strider

Is your life drab? Has your will power lost its bounce, the sparkle, the luster?

Do the highlights just disappear into the dark?

Has your will power become hard and brittle with divided beginnings…split endings, making it unresponsive to love, incapable of making healthy choices?

Or maybe your will was abused by early conditioning… leaving it limp, stringy and depressed…

Then you’ll want to try our new life line conditioner, “Awaken” the Will Power.

AWAKEN, unlike the old paradigm conditioners, doesn’t harness, flatten, or deplete your natural will.

It leaves it, silky, soft and responsive to the gentlest touch, the most sublime guidance.

The old conditioners acted to subvert your will, making it listless, abrasive or stiff.

And what is life with a stiff will? No joy, no resilience.

No, you want your will firm enough to penetrate, but supple enough to receive.

What you want is the flexibility and allure of a properly conditioned will.

Remember when your will first started growing out? How free, flowing and zesty it was.

You could feel the spirit moving through it–balancing it, adjusting it, the luxurious and natural sheen…the lift…the way light could just bounce off your will and radiate your natural beauty.

And then, remember how those early conditioners would try to force the strands of your will to fit into some old style image that really wasn’t you.

Well now, you can get a fresh start with “Awaken”…the Holy way to have more body in your life.

When applied directly into your crown chokra, “Awaken” un-conditions and cleanses all those old beliefs right out through your scalp.

Then it replaces those toxic perceptions with “Fresh Viewpoint,” our patented process. This makes the transition so easy and effortless that all you’ll need is a short period of Grace to allow Fresh Viewpoint to penetrate deep into your consciousness.

And then get ready to experience your will spring back to life.

Awaken uses a very old and time proven formula.

Unlike many conditioners that use artificial and inorganic beliefs, Awaken uses only the purest ingredients harvested directly from the source of will…who’s been around since time began…literally.

Awaken is applied by a gentle stroking of the will, a luxurious message that goes to the very core of your volition.

If you use Awaken moment to moment, in no time at all, your will will return to that wholesome, gorgeous and alive state it was designed for.

And with Awaken, you can be sure that your will has that all-important quality of being yielding.

As you know, a yielding will is a happy will, a will that invites warm loving thoughts to run their fingers through it.

So above all, if you want to turn heads and enlighten consciousness when you walk into a room, try Awaken. The only conditioner that leaves your will unencumbered and free.

Possible side effects may include any of the following. Out of body experiences, loss of appetites for sensation, power or prestige, reduction of interest in material acquisitions and self-forgetfulness.

Please consult your inner beautician.

© 2003 Errol Strider

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