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The Need for Mutual Recognition

While we are madly scrambling about to avoid as much pain and gain as much pleasure as we can, consider the benefits of stopping to share some mutual recognition.

As I observe the human condition…most of us are busy trying to get something, go somewhere, attract or avoid someone…eats up a lot of energy and often leaves us frustrated in terms of achieving our goals…money, security, sex, comfort, knowledge, power, influence, health…those sorts of things…

Here’s the irony…what we actually want and more often what we need is very likely right before us waiting to be mined from our relationship with another, specifically, through our mutual recognition.
If we really knew who and what was standing before us in any given exchange is the opportunity of a life time…even the opportunity of an eternal life time.

Life is all about making exchanges…nothing comes about without an exchange from the tiniest particle to the biggest ego.

The more deeply and thoroughly we exchange with one another, the more energy is liberated and the closer we get to resolving our issues.

How this works is the study of physics, biology, chemistry, sociology, religion, family dynamics and relationships… I want to explore this with you so that you can benefit from this knowledge and begin to benefit from the practice of “MUTUAL RECOGNITION”

First the potential benefits…more







and Kindness

and the energy and imagination to translate those eternal dimensions into practical actions that lead to real life improvement.

Next…how it works and how it can work for you.

Stay tuned!

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