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A kiss is just a kiss or is it?

Four lips kissing

Often I stop to remind myself that at any moment there are billions of things going on with people all over the planet. It’s helpful to step back and get some perspective. It helps us feel more connected with others, to remind us that we’re not in this alone. And, to remove our attention from narrow, delimiting. often useless or meaningless distractions. And especially to draw our minds away from the conflict attention grabbers that media uses to get our money. So today’s focus is the importance of kissing.

Four lips kissing

Today I’d like to focus on kissing. I wonder how many kisses are happening right now–or have happened just in the time it took me finish this sentence.

As biological anthropologist, Helen Fisher says,

“One of the benefits of kissing is that it allows for loads of data to be exchanged, which then makes it possible for people to unconsciously assess their potential and permanent partners.”

What kind of kisses are we talking?

If you think about the importance of kissing is that it is a peculiar phenomenon covering everything from reciprocal kisses, like between lovers, one way kisses, like between parents and children….air kisses’ delivered on both sides of the face, blowing kisses ( you have to have a good wind going in the right direcdtion for those to be effective), reluctant kisses, kisses avoided (like when my mother attempted to kiss me–it felt like she was going to smother or eat me up–I avoided that–not always possible). Then there’s a baby’s first attempt at kissing, and yes, even kisses of betrayal, like the one Judas planted on Jesus.

And speaking of “planting a kiss,” do kisses that have been planted grow into kiss bushes? Kiss Trees? Do they grow roots? Are they like Aspen trees…all sharing the same kiss root structure? If you follow any given loving kiss to its source is there a Ubiquitous Divine Kisser behind it all?

Let’s face it, the importance of kissing is a big deal! And by and large kisses aren’t something we tend to do with ourselves, You can’t just experience the full impact of kissing when you kiss yourself, not to mention you’re very limited in the places your kiss can reach.

Planting kisses

But you can go ahead plant one on yourself. If you have time, it can’t hurt. Or the inside of your wrist. Your finger tips or our knees will do. If you can bend over, even better. But as for us older folks, it may pose a problem getting back up. This is good practice so make sure you get just the right amount of suction in your kiss.
Or just go ahead and send some kisses out into the stream of life–you can think of it as like…well…..prayer kisses. They’re bound to land on someone who could use a kiss right now until they can get a much needed hug.

“So, what’s the point of these remarks?” you may ask. It reminds that we are part of a vast network of people often doing the same thing at any given moment. And when they’re positive, like most kissing, it can put a smile on our lips. But if you’re not in the mood for a kiss, how about a smile? That’s another useful activity for our lips.

Just think, in the time it took me to write this, I suspect that millions of kisses have transpired —and that’s good for our species until it can give itself a good hug.

Errol & Rochelle Strider lightly kissing

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