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What is “real” and how would you know?

Is something real if it has weight? Mass? What about an experience…Is that real? What makes experience real? Is the memory of the experience “real”?

Is any movement you make real? With your body? With your thoughts? Movement of the heart?

Feelings? Are they real? Is anything that is fleeting real? What about motion itself? Sillness?

Is pain real? Pleasure?

Is reality a who? A what? A why?

All of the above?

None of the above?

What of any passing experience is real?

Understandably, there is so much to occupy us just to maintain, perpetuate and gratify ourselves, that these questions go mostly un-asked…and if they are asked, will they lead to answers? (my roommate in colledge assured me that there is no answer. Was he right?) Are any “answers that rise from the depth of being” real as it relates to the problems of living? The demands of life?

If you follow this line of questiong far enough it leaves you off at “Huh?”

So what informs me of what is real? I like to think that somehow “real” is related to eternity…that for something to be real, it has to persist in some kind of recognizable consistent unity throughout “Always

And, while we’re at it, the real must persist through ubiquity…anywhere I step into time and space and beyond…will reality be there to greet me?

In other words, if something is real… by this definition, it must be enduring.… So, if something isn’t enduring, can it be real? What is it thatendures? What enables something to endure? What is enduring reality actually made of? CAn we make it up? Are we made of it?


If “enduring” is a fundamental characteristic of “reality, what about “endearing”? Is that also as indigenous to reality as enduring?

Do they go hand and hand waltzing through Ubiquity?

Or is reality what most of us think is the only real “reality? “If it makes money, it’s real?”

So there’s this profounc dichotomy: According to a very prominent shared belief, if not conviction…”only that which makes money is real. Or, is what is real is eternal and ubiquitous?

How to reconcile this is apparent dichotomy. What’s a mother to do?

This is where I think that the point of view that only that which makes money is real and the prospect of eternal existence stuff being real is crucial to reconcile. Because we know we will continue to have to wrestle with everything that gives money its significane and inspite of that we will still have to confront the ultimate, “huh?” ….eternity stretched out before us dressed as an unending question mark?

Now, if we focus upon what these two perspectives have in common, I believe we can find our way to a more successful way of being in the world, with each other, and and to reality.

So the admonition to “get real” starts to take on some…well…reality.

And this is how we can get there:

What I think they both have in common, what is real for both perspectives, the reality they share is that they’re both about making the exchange.

I believe exchanging is the universal constant. Everything is constantly exchanging with everything else. In its best use, money facilitates the excange in the world of time and space…products, services, information. Indeed, all that’s all that’s going on IS the exchange.

Premise: To Get be real and to have a successful economy, we need to exchange more and more effectively at every level that exchage is possible.

When we come to appreciate that it’s the exchange itself that generates resource, life, energy, then we can withdraw our addiction to the metaphor, money, and refocus ourselves upon that which is eternal and ever reliable, which is “the ongoing exchange.” Specifically, for our purposes, we’ll starst with the Human Stock Exchange

Next blog: The “Exchange” and how it works!


Errol Strider
(415) 459-4512


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    1. Thank you for your remarks. Nice to know that one’s perspective is appreciated.
      I just hope this is a sincere response and not just some flattery to get me to “rebound.”
      Errol Strider.

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