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“The End of Story is at Hand”

What is the story we’re telling ourelves that controls our lives? The story that you’re living that begins with the premise: “we’re separate…therefore, there is scarcity and I have to sacrifice to make sure me and mine are taken care of…” especially our bodies…and all they want and need.
Who is making up the story…God? Evolution, Happenstance? Random-ness, the democrats…republicans…the powers that be…those in control? The military, industrial, etc. complex? You? Me?
After all, isn’t politics about “who gets to decide?” And what decision needs to be made? I think the character of Red in Shawshank Redemption played by Morgan Freeman pretty well summed it up…”You need to get busy living or get busy dying.”
So, what we need to be asking with every choice…every decision…”Is this a living choice.” for example to destroy life, to abort it, go to war, slay the attacker, kill your prey…how do they get to be living choices…thorny question, eh?
What contributes to the growth and refinement of the whole that makes it more and more possible for parts to show up that have completely free will. Now, that’s my criteria…are you in the game? What are you holdin’>?”…Dare to call me…raise me? You got another opinion…okay, place your best bet on what you think is the fulcrum issue…with all that’s problematic and apparently out of control…
Your move!
Think on’t.



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