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The Economy? What’s a mortal to do?

“He who selfishly loves his life stands in danger of losing it; but he who is willing to lay down his life for my sake and the gospel’s shall enjoy a more abundant existence on earth and in heaven, life eternal.”Hold On Partner. Jeshua ben Joseph from The Urantia Book

How can there be scarcity if everything is connected to everything else?

Okay, there’s all this talk about the economy and how it is so bad and the stress many of us are already undergoing and even more stress and lack anticipated. So what is a spiritual being living on planet earth in this temporary body with all its demands to be fed, clothed, fondled and fiddled with, to do?
How does a spiritual perspective make a difference?

First of all, let’s face the issue straight on and not be sidetracked by concepts that are relatively meaningless in terms of our individual situations. (Though convenient generalizations are not always that helpful.)
To be precise, the issue for most of us is a combination of (1) lack, (2) fear of lack, and some level of impotence in the face of issues 1 and 2.

“What can I do?” becomes the default mantra. Some of us jump immediately into the time worn habit of trying to figure it out with our thinking minds, as if that could solve the problem. Not likely. (I assume, you’ve given that a good try).
“So what else can I do?” you may be asking.

I would suggest a different question, “How else can I be?” In fact, who is it that is asking the question? Is it the little self-identified and cherished ego that perceives itself as separate from all the rest, including the abundant universe? (Probably)
Or is it the self that knows that is is inextricably connected with everything that is (though perhaps not well recognized as yet).

If that’s the case, let’s re-begin our (economic) pursuit by first recognizing who we’re dealing with here. Who is that person that you identify as yourself and how do you know?
Is that person known by what you’re not (comparison and judgment)? Or is that person known by who you are–your fundamental nature as an integral part of the cosmos–a universe, by the way, that appears to be rich with living love–life.

One of the great teachers has said, “I have come to give you life and the abundance of life.” What if we took that teacher at his word?
And how to avail ourselves of that promise?

Simple:CHOOSE! Choose to live and act as if you are the living love connected with all else. In each and every situation, ask yourself, this question: “If I were one with all that is, what is my response to this apparent contraction to that premise?”

Get off it and choose again, and again, and again, and again.
That’s the good news about lack and adversity, they offer us non-stop opportunities to make the choice of faith–to act as if I were not only connected to All That Is, but that my part of all of that is vital to the rest. Without me the universe as it is known cannot exist, which is why the universe is so generous with its presence and so prolific in its myriad expressions.

This process just takes practice and commitment and lots of support which we can offer each other and which we can access as we practice connecting with the All Encompassing Presence of a Loving Spirit which surrounds and permeates all of life.
“Okay,” as the coach would say to us, “suit up, get out of the field and start getting in shape…the shape of love.”
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In the meantime, start by being thankful for just how well fed, clothed and hopefully, warm and sheltered you are right now!
Be Blessed!
PS. If you don’t believe me, go to the top of this blog and click on “Hold On, Partner” to find out what this wise ol’d cowboy has to say about it.

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