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Seduction written & narrated by Errol Strider

Sunset through trees Santa Cruz
Come, Mary
Come, Joseph.
I have a word I would give birth to
a word I would make flesh.

I would the world know me
in the simple attire of itself
its human hood.

Come, Mary and Joseph.
Be not afraid to conceive me .•. of me … for me
to nourish together a child of promise
… to raise God in your home. I would that you share this child with me
that he be soft as flesh and hard as bones
as well wistful as spirit and open as thought ..•

Come, Joseph

… be the implanter of divinity for me

Come, Mary
… receive my essence into your cavity.

Be parents of my son,
… the personhood of who I am.
For I have given my I AM to my universe

and I would that all see the depth of who they are,
the richness of who they can be.

I would give my personality to inhabit helplessness
as a lesson to all my children
of the power of surrender
••• of how much I can trust myself to them
that they might be inclined to trust themselves more to me
… that we may become a child together and suckle each other.

Joseph, come
Mary, come
.. and be not afraid of me .
… fear not to fall.

You may eat of me now.
You may drink of my soul
… and pour it out for all to see
the stunning hope
that I AM
that I can be

as each of you give birth to me as the child in you
innocent and free
the child in you
full-bodied Divinity!

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