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Uncertainty With Security

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The promise of the universe, according to The Urantia Book is “uncertainty with security.”
Uncertainty with Security

Indeed, for many of us, security and safety are the dominant concerns: financial security, relationship security, security in our being. Safe driving, safe in a group, safe on the streets, future safety and security. These are very strong motivators and sources of worry and stress.

How does a spiritual practice empower us to feel more safe and secure? If we take the definition for God given us by the theologian Paul Tillich, “God is the ground of being.” As a starting place, we begin to see how we are secured to reality at the most foundational level. The very ground of our being.

It follows that as we become more grounded in Being, the safer we become. But what is it to be “grounded?” What makes something the ground?

“Ground” is actually a process. It is a law, in fact. The law of gravity. Gravity is that mysterious activity (that even science doesn’t fully understand) that holds things together. It continually draws things to each other.

It could be argued that the law of gravity is the law of attraction. The study of one certainly informs the study of the other.

And gravity, in spite of appearances to the contrary, is a two-way pull. The earth pulls on us and we pull on the earth. The earth is just a lot bigger, so our pulling on it, while negligible, is still real!

Guess what? There is something called spiritual gravity. Just as gravity keeps us connected to the earth, spiritual gravity keeps us connected with Eternal Ground. Spiritual gravity is the underlying cohesive field that holds reality together regardless of form, time, or space.

As we learn to ground ourselves in that Ever Constant and Ubiquitous Presence, we feel and actually become more and more secure.

And if you want a little teaser, click here and listen to this song Secure Yourself, by the Indigo Girls. It’s full of emotional, cognitive and spiritual clues to help you feel feel safe and secure.

BE SAFE and BE BLESSED–Uncertainty With Security

Errol Strider

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