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Pre-Flight Instructions

By Errol Strider

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking I’d like to welcome you aboard flight one-for-all en route to Mt. Omega, with continuing service to higher awareness, unlimited possibility, and ubiquitous consciousness.

We will be travelling at an altitude of as-high-as-we-can-get.

Our in-flight magazine, Universe Traveler is located inside your mind. It contains interesting particles as well as information about the in flight leverage selections and a wide choice of mental faculties.

To be assured that your mind won’t run amuck, fasten your seat belt by inserting the mental tip when you buckle. You will find your mental tip at the outermost edge of your assumptions..

You have the additional option of tightening by grasping or feel more secure by letting go.

To release your will, lift the mental flack where you last buckled.

Feel free to take the mental tip with you as our gift..

Today’s mental tip is “If all else, take it personally.”

You can get the most out of this flight if you let what’s looking in the window as panaroramic as what you see looking out the window.

Feel free to let other points of view displace your old fight or flight patterns.

In case tyour points of view won’t budge, this aircraft has 2 far-seeing openings, 2 windows to your soul and exits located anywhere you’re willing to see your reality differently.

Window exits lead to off-wing slides. To operate, remove the belief that you’ve got life handled, pull your handle down and in until you feel the hand of a Reassuring Presence handling you, then you can safely let go.

Each door is equipped with an escape slide. You can slide into alcoholism, drug abuse, television watching, shopping, power, greed, gluttony or all of the above. Look out the window to the world for plenty of other escape options. Follow any of these compulsions to escape.

Your life is always pressurized, but if there is an increase in pressure, a panel (of judges) will open and a choice of masks will appear– sad, mad, and glad. Put on the mask that most fits your state of mind, pull the mask toward you to start the flow of awareness. Even though the bag may not inflate, do not use this as a excuse to inflate…yourself. You will find yourself heavier and it will be more difficult to take off…whatever is holding you down…or back.

In the unlikely event of a water landing, your bottom may be used as a flotation device. You will find it attached to your legs. Upon landing in the water, place your arms around your bottom and kiss your bottom goodbye.

Soul lights will now be turned on. Thank you for your intention.

But wait! Before taking off, we like to leave you with one more important mental tip

“Remember, eternity takes no time at all.”

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