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Opportunity to make positive change

We’ve all heard the expression, changes starts with us as individuals. In spite of the compelling call of this admonition, we often are tempted to address change by trying to fix something outside of ourselves. This is understandable. Sensual data comes to us from “out there.” Yeshua has told us that “the kingdom of Heaven is within”…ergo, if you want to get to what is fundamental and where fundamental change takes place…check out the Inner you.
Years a go I wrote a very brief essay that appeared on Celestial Seasonings Spearmint tea box…(I was hoping to get Morning Thunder, but I like Spearmint…so I took it.) What I shared then, and my mind hasn’t changed much since then is the metaphor that if you want to change one element (oxygen, hydrogen, etc.) into another you must fuse them at the nuclear level…Then real change occurs. Otherwise you’re just manipulating the particles at the surface level and nothing fundamentally changes.
Obama came to office on the platform that emphasized the need to change, and then was thrust into the very entrenched world of the military,/industrial,/congressional/ etc. complex…where those in the greatest position to change things are probably the least willing.
So what about this inner change? How does it happen and how can it influence the collective. I am so impressed at how unthinking we tend to be when it comes to addressing the mammoth problems our world/people face. How we tend to react to generalities and gross assumptions fed to us by the media. We are mostly deluded and unconscious when it comes to the realization of what change really is and can be and from where it must be initiated.
But though it feels so good to gripe and react, I think it is much more productive to take a pro-active approach to our “problems, to realize where and how that fundamental change starts and needs to happen and to develop a vision and strategies of how that might come about.
As the Urantia Book states in its “cardinal features of the Kingdom of Heaven” the individual is preeminent. So let us start with us… as individuals…and ask ourselves what changes do we need to make within ourselves to bring about …within our unique self..wholeness, justice… etc.? Do we even know? Do we care? What will it take to awaken within us the realization that the change starts with me and that change, if we are sincere about improving the quality of our lives, must begin now. So what will it take to begin with you? With me? And how do we proceed? Stay tuned.

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