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New Year–New You

"Let's Face It!

2011 is about to dawn and with it “The Laughing Heart” promises to offer some very innovative programs like:
How to actually embody and live the high spiritual principles you believe in.
A way to partner with others to bring about “the shift.”
A Recovery Improv night in the San Francisco area.
Taking our weekly Sunday night radio program, “Insight Out” and bringing it to video.
And, of course, deepening into the essence of such teachings at “The Power of Now” “A Course in Miracles” “The Urantia Book” “Keys of Jeshua” and the children’s version of the Kama Sutra.
Plus, the ongoing Thursday night teleconference call with Errol Strider & Fred Shupp on how to energize and enliven your spiritual life…or or at least– to transcend your story.
Lots of opportunities for you to grow, learn, laugh and share your most authentic and joyful self…and to recover from whatever may be holding you back and keeping you down.
Best wishes for this upcoming year! May it prove to be a time of increased awareness, transcendence, inclusion and bountiful laughter!

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