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Text message from God: “When you step into the Do-duality, don’t get it all over yourself..”
I saw Michael Moore’s movie, “Capitalism, a Love Story” last night.

I can imagine many of us going, “Ooooo!” “Yuk” “They’re awful.” “What can we do?” Then we’re taken over by a feeling of impotence or simply the distractions and the compulsivity’s of our own needs and wants, and it becomes just another movie.

And we become, like the guards at the doors of the big corporations that Mr. Moore approached… “Sorry, you can’t talk to our CEO, let alone convert him/her.”

And what is the CEO or your consciousness? For most of us it is a false sense of who we are concocted out of our need to separate ourselves in order to know ourselves…hence…greed, denial, apathy, war/competition, dis-ease, etc.

I suggest that we start by becoming a little reflective…rather than reflexive.

Consider: We are unlikely to change the system or the people in it, especially those who are in power.

But, we are not helpless…How about planting the seeds of awareness, compassion, and responsibility in the minds of those who are just forming their values…children…good place to start. Ya think?
Children develop their values based on the five following influences:


Religious system (if any)

What would it take to prepare the soil in each of these influential areas so that the seeds of wisdom can blossom…so that we can have enlighten leaders in time for the complete breakdown of the domination system? Good time to start, wouldn’t you say?

If you’d like to know more how this can be done…let me know…I’ve got some ideas…and if I can cross-fertilize with your ideas…hey, we can help move evolution along in the direction it’s already headed.
What say ye?

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