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Message from the Now Oct 13 09

Hey Partner…there’s a lot of stuff going on out there and in here demanding my interest and attention…how about you? Stuff that feels good, looks good, and stuff that’s challenging my fight or flight reflex…
Victim? Oppressor? Intermediary? What’s your choice?
Okay, let’s start by going to whatever conflict that you can influence directly, hold hands with the Spirit of Union, jump in and mix it up…that seems to be the call from the All Knower All Being…
Bottom line..the problems that we face look a lot different from “The Now” than they do from the past/future matrix…tempting though that is.
Are you ready/willing to change? And if so, into what? If you could pick any place on the evolutionary spiral, where would you place yourself? Where you are now, for instance?

So here’s a little poem I’d like to share with you…to get us re-oriented: (By the way, ACIM (A Course in Miracles)suggests that the first step is to strengthen our motivation to change…how strong is yours?) “First step to what?” you may ask. Well, first step to re-orienting ourselves in the direction that evolution is headed…for one thing. Now mind you, I trust that in the long run, we are all headed that way, but we could save ourselves a lot of time…and more importantly, suffering, if we worked with the program rather than resist it…and if all it takes is a little knowledge, practice and support, well, by all means, let’s seize it and get moving…get motivated! If you will…
Okay, we’ll have to hold off on the poem until I can determine how to cut and paste it.
Speaking of metaphors…”Cut and Paste” is a great one. If you were invited to cut and paste different aspects of yourself, what would you pick? Let me know…get back to me and we can continue with the process of “Waking Up!” in time…just in time, as a matter of fact! Cut you up? Paste you into the developing story of evolution.

Premise # 1: “Life is on your side!” True? False? True for some but not true for others? True from time to time? Mostly false? What if…it were actually completely and utterly true? That to me is the message of Faith…the Message that Yeshua demonstrated as he submitted to the ultimate test…entering the illusion of separation…of duality…and finding his way out of that illusion into…guess where? Why, the Now, of course. Where he keeps emerging timelessly…and invites us to re-emerge endlessly out of this very beat in between time…the center of the cyclone…the pole around which life spins…”God is, after all, the still point at the center of our turning.”
Faith urges us to “Act as if life was in fact on your side.”
Johan just sat down with me at the coffee shop and e shared with me…”I am the human of the human…” I am that I Am. In other words, what if God were the first human? showing up shortly after the stage for phenomenal reality was set by 13 billion years of you…ready to play hide and seek with consciousness…other self-aware independent beings simultaneously connecting with everything else, and yet, with each connection/confrontation…giving birth to new dimensions of consciousness playing in the back yard of existence–physicality.

So what Johan and I have arrived at is the notion of a Unified theory of the Soul.” How about you? How about coming to our Unified Experience of the Soul? We’re starting a program, and you’re invited to participate…we’re calling it an integrative fitness program…more to come later.
Just got a tweet from God, “
“Which is more important to fire? The pieces of wood or the spaces in between them?
Let me hear from you…

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