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Jobs for everyone! God is hiring!


Are you looking for a good job?  Really, a good job– a way to work that produces a lot of good? And of course, one that takes care of your needs…the basics…warm place to live, clothes, enough to eat, great friendships and colleagues, tons of need and want going on in the world aching for a “fix,”  acres of service opportunities, and some really fun ways to meet many of these needs and wants,(especially the self generated ones)——– basically to give people a fix…no, no, not one you come down from, like those addictive, but temporary “highs.”  No, this is a time released sustained “fix.” One that you can access any time you’re willing to “appear” to the now…and allow the now to “appear” to you.

By the way, if you don’t stop me, I will continue with these run on sentences…and the way you stop me is to at least enter the conversation,   and your get in free card is “How can I be of service…to myself and others.”

Send us your resume…but wait…not  the kind of resume where you tell us  what you’ve “done”.

Rather a resume in which you share what your heart is shouting at you, when you uncover the layers of beliefs hiding the basic premise of “It’s not really possible for me to express my authentic self in this world.” which you may have allowed to shape you life…or not… (Yeah, this work ain’t for pus…(scratch that) Prema donnas.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

People who are:

Highly creative

Highly inquisitive

Not adverse to getting “high”

Spiritually adventurous

Willing to question all their assumptions.

Committed to the fundamental directions of evolution.

Willing to feel the presence of an all loving Ultimate Primal Progenitor.

Humble enough to receive as well as generous enough to give.

Do you fill the bill?  If not, are you ready to pay the bill because Bill will be paid one way or another

(Bill = B-ad, I-vestments, L-ack of L-ove.

Think on’t


Looking for "Good" work?

Uncle Errol

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