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“Hmm…what am I in the mood for today?” wonders God.

Let me guess. God is in the mood for love–to experience life in his/her universe through and as us?

Possibly, but, as it turns out, she can only do that consistent with her nature.

That’s where you come in.

But…what is her nature?…

Well, it depends on her mood.

God is very moody.

For instance, if God is what’s behind everything, animating existence, infinitized… clearly God can be moody if not out right… fractious…perfect stillness and the Big Bang…well…there’s a lot of mood swings going on.

Most any mood you could ever be in…not to mention, all that’s followed the Big Bang.

Talk about moody!

 So that brings it back to us. How does God experiences his/her universe as us and stay consistent with her nature? Or more to the point…what are you in the mood for?

When you’re in the mood for pancakes…or veal ptarmigan… great sex… a ride on the bay…or for a good movie, a day at the beach, a vacation, a good conversation… or chocolate even? Is that God wanting to take the wrapper off? Is that God in the mood for those things, too?

And when you’re in the mood for a little self-indulgence, do you invite God to indulge herself with you? As you?

And when you’re in the mood for a little self-indulgence, do you invite God to indulge herself with you? As you?

And what about mood swings? Will you allow God to swing along with you when your mood swings? Does God swing? Does God go both ways. In and out? Back and forth? Yin and yang? Is that fractious?

Or, is God up for a threesome? Is God, in fact, a happy threesome? Did God, invent the ultimate threesome? Self beholding self emerging new self out of all that beholding?

Could it be that when you’re “in the mood” for something, that that is the Prime Desire…desiring…actually triggering that mood.

Could it be that it’s God that is in the mood for Frank Sinatra…a game of ping pong, a night at the opera, sitting down with a good book, playing a cross word puzzle or pulling your hat over your eyes?

On the other hand, are you ever “in the mood” for inflicting pain, receiving pain? Is that really a mood swing or is it just a desperate attempt to compensate for mood opportunities missed when you felt abused, abandoned, unseen or defiled? Stuff that may have put you in a…bad mood?

Check it out: Here’s where God’s nature reveals itself. When you have the luxury of being able to ask, “What am I in the mood for?” Are you not relaxed, available, with the energy, resources and maybe even the opportunity to satisfy that mood?

Could that be God’s nature? Not only instigating the mood, but also providing that which will satisfy the mood? Clever God. The giver and the receiver. And isn’t that where we come in? Ever relaxed and ready to “swing”. To go both ways…from giver to receiver endlessly…Perched on the pinnacle of eternity, eager to jump off?

Does God really swing both ways…from stillness to colossal undertakings? Is that who you are? A colossal undertaking emerging out of stillness, responding not just to God’s mood for a little sensual treat in time and space, but to his whims, his larks…Does God often have a whim for a little unending creativity? My God, is God always in the mood for a lark?

And what about God’s whims…If his moods are unpredictable, what about his whims? They must be positively capricious. And when God goes on a lark, how much is that going to cost!?

Hey, does God always give vent to his whims? Were you created on a whim? Or a lark?

“Today, just for a lark…” says God, “I think I’ll evolve a new species, I’ll give birth to…you, and I’ll make you as moody as I am, just on a lark, mind you.”

So, if you’re following God’s nature, I suspect, you’re always in the mood for… a good mood… whether it’s the sight of a baby, the feel of your lover’s fingers gently stoking the inside of your wrist, the intensity of a roller coaster ride or the sound of waves lapping at your boat.

So, go ahead and whistle your mantra… “I’m in the mood for love.” And while you’re whistling, if you listen closely, you may hear God’s infinite overtones—his moods whistling right along with you in perfect harmony.

So, how ’bout it, God…are you in the mood?
“I’m always in the mood. But what about you?” asks the Deity.

“Well, I’m in the mood for a little snuggle, but wait, let me put on something more comfortable.”

“Good idea,” saith the Ubiquitous Lady.

So, you put on your relaxed self, ready for action, and ever abiding in the trust, that, no matter what it may feel like, you can be assured, God is always in a Good Mood. 

And if you listen closely, you can almost hear God singing, “I’m in the mood for Love.”



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