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Not easy words, eh? Trust…hmmm…trust what, trust whom…why? When? See? …tough words…lots to consider…and why even consider it?
Benefits of Trust…what’s in it for you?

You can relax…

Life flows more easily

Everything goes on sale at once…and you can afford it.

Benefits of not trusting

You don’t get hurt as easily

Ward off loss…

Get out of life with fewer scars, disappointments and betrayals.

Who should care?

People who are suffering

People who know people who are suffering

People who want to reduce suffering


Downside of Trusting:

Have to let go of your addictions

Have to let go of your contrived self-identity

Have to become more attractive.

Downside of Not-Trusting…

Ever reducing universe options

Fear squelched existence.

Ultimate isolation and less fun.

What else does trust do?

Lubricates the pathways of interpersonal exchange.

Makes the ground of existence more dependable and buoyant.

Saturates all transitions with spiritual “come.”

What or who are we trusting?

“Exactly.” Abbot and Costello

Or…to be more specific

“The Evolutionary Imperative” variously called,

“The Will of God, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, anyone whom I’ve been grateful and happy to obey.

People often experience it directly through

A hug

A Blessing

Golden laced sunsets…

The act of creation

The delightful surprise

Timely Forgiveness

Transcending self-interest

Examining the exquisite dances of existence as they display themselves through universe peepholes, like…physics, biology, astronomy, physiology, good management theory, successful relationships, parent/child continuum, great movies, symphonies, meals…thanksgiving.

Yep, it’s there to behold wherever we’re willing to look…as long as we look for it in the Now…
And that brings us to surrender…
A topic for our next conversation.

(And by the way, the pictures that I put up are ones that I’ve taken and each one comes with a little “Text Message” from God that I’ve received. Let me hear from you with your email and I’ll send you the photo with message.)

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