July 27, 2021

The Laughing Heart

Recovering Hope, Faith & Love Through Strider "Innertainment"

How to be a Mensch

BECOMING A MENSCH Stand up full strength, stride inside yourself, rimming over, fully caffeinated male… Fill the frame… with all your humanity, no more holding back no more crouching down Come forth male God incarnate light the way…generous spirit pregnant man with Mensch inside you… Mazeltov! It’s a 144 pound mensch. We’ve waited for years, inside the sack of pain or shame, the womb of struggle and faith, the vagina of “It’s about time” You surround each moment with a giant L’chiam and echoes of “To Life!” reverberate into every resonant heart Yea! Mr. Mensch as you breath vitality into families, relationships, communities and friends you are such good company companion, slide over and ooze into me, walk with me talk to me of heaven, speak to me of joy Show up manly soul emerge, raise your self to the full height of grandeur man You have arrived, undiminished, arms open, exuding splendor, majesty and the humility to see it in all who cross your vision. You radiate wealth, gusto, effervescence full pockets bursting with goodies you enter our space and throw a mitzvah make it a party You reek love, you sly Mensch you drip hope you dish out possibility, free of charge You flavor our yearning with the warm spice of your exuberant presence you nourish our minds with a buoyant knowing a knowing that reaches into the First Source and Mensch who has charged you to deliver his ubiquitous menschness into every corner of time, to impassionate every truth-filled desire. to open up Mensch stands all across the world, advertising the Menschood giving out your Mensch brochures— each warm, intoxicating smile that surges through your love You are a mirror for my latent, true, rich, abundant maleness how gracious you are… you make room inside you for my woman you model exquisite intimacy, the male and female at home in us two hands clasped in gratitude 2 palms facing the world ready to receive, eager to give What a present you are, you Menschness friend to the earth, compadre to the little, the bereft… those who long for their Menschness, though they know not what it means or how to sound it in their person A long standing grace has made it possible for you to appear now, to take stage on planet earth as you walk across the sand, the dirt, the highway, songs spring from your footsteps songs of Elohim and Adonai of Allah and Krishna, of Buddha, Christ, and Mother-Son As you step fully into this space, we greet you with a bountiful “Good Yontif!” Good Shabas! …each moment suffused with Shabat, the time to rest in God, in the revelation of how Menschy we all can be… when we discard doubt, and step naked as a budding shoot from the showers of purification into the full open embrace of renewed innocence There you are, you hunk of Mensch, luxuriating in self delight forgiving the past, trusting the future bonded to this sacred instant where your face beams assurance to our waiting, eager, hungry pubescent souls Shine forth, Sir Mensch, Be Knighted in a diamond studded shout, of “Hallelujah! You bring life to the words, “Bawruch ataw adonoi elohaynu melech hawolawm… “Blessed art thou, Oh Eternal, Our God, King of the Universe…” Father of all Mensches. for all are full bodied total beings in your sight; that’s what makes you our Daddy Mensch

What is the “consumate human being?”

A Mensch!

WE invite you to go on the journey of “mensch-hood” in this poem Errol wrote (see Excerpt below).  In case you’re not familiar with Yiddish or Hebrew, let me know and we’ll translate, but we think you’ll get the meaning… 

So, what is a Mensch?

A man or woman who walks securely in every living moment,

with full confidence

that every beat of his heart

and each breath of her soul

is a gift to life

and everyone he touches is a gift to himself.




(PS…If you’d like to hear this read with beautiful music played by Itzhak Perlman, let me know and I’ll send you the the mp3 file.)