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How Big Are We, Anyway?

If you look really closely at the picture, you might just see yourself.  Now look a little further to the right, then down a little…see yourself yet?

I was fantasizing on my own physical presence from a distance of several light years away.
And you know what?
I appeared……………infinitesimal.
Yes, this so very important and precious personage that I refer to as “me” is really barely noticeable from the point of view of the rest of reality. (The noive!)

Imagine, in my own consciousness, I seem so large, at least to myself, and yet from any other place I am so small as to be nigh on completely inconsequential. And apparently, I’m not alone. There are quite a few self-important inconsequential’s walking around here with me.

So what’s with this extreme dichotomy?

Worth pondering, eh?
This is what I get about it.

I have the capacity to become infinitely enlarged. My consciousness, indeed, my presence, to the degree that it embraces, includes and transcends everything else, starting with what shows up in my face, can expand infinitely.

Now, you may be asking, “Can I take that to the bank?” or even more significantly, will my creditors take that as payment? Will my spouse accept that as an adequate excuse for the times when I’m a “dickhead”?

Yes and no. See, I have this image that we are these teensy weensy bits of self-conscious awareness dropped into existence and that very self-conscious awareness is actually God being aware of God’s self……… me….and you…and all the other teensy weensy beings that exist. God is, in fact, Self being aware.
In fact, every time I refer to “I” and all that”I”represents, I’m speaking for the I AM of all reality. (so be careful of what “I” says about I-self.)

Now, love, as it turns out, is very particular. It seems to thrive on particularity. Hence diversity and individuality. But love is not content with all this scattered specificity. It seeks to combine it in every conceivable way into larger and larger holons (see Integral Philosophy) and then each holon becomes its own particularity.

So where does that leave a mortal on the verge of taking her next breath? Appreciate that that immensity that causes you to be so teensy weensy is the enormity of your potential…All you have to do is allow the infinite to forever expand you, in you, as you.

And here’s the good new. The infinite is very roomy…room enough for you to expand as big as you want.

In order to keep expanding, you must include everything else…especially the things, people and situations that you’d rather not include within your definition of you. (In other words—all that you judge as separate from you.) This is what is called in some circles, forgiveness, and in other circles, adaptation.

And by the way, you have to be willing to constantly let go of your definition of you (“I”) in order to keep expanding. Especially if your self-definition is that you are either all consumingly important or teensy weensy insignificant.

Because you, my friend are that infinitely expanding self, doting on itself…as you…and everybody else. (Think of it as an Escher painting)

So there you have it.

Next lesson. How you can take this perspective to the bank and use it to stay on good terms with the people who most matter to you?
And to help you drop into this Infinite Possibility, take a minute to listen to
Shri Ma from the album Universal Mother by Indiajiva.
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Shri Ma

Think on’t!

PS. Need a blessing? More info on how to expand self? Forgive? Adapt? Let me hear from you–make a comment or email me at

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