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Be honest now. Are you hiding from love? How would you know? Why would you do that? What is so threatening about love? Did you even ever consider that you may be hiding out from love? What do we mean by love?

For many of us the closest we get to love is in ecstatic embrace, whether it be with a lover, with the child that can often emerge from that embrace, a beautiful sunset, riding down the rapids of the Colorado River, either catching an impossible-to-catch ball or someone you care about catching it, (or even someone you don’t). These phenomena are saturated with love and demand our full attention, which we are usually delighted to give. You might even say… like the commercial, “I’m lovin’ it.”

That’s the love that I am referring to. The take-your-breath-away kind of love. The kind of love that leaves you saying, “If it all ended right now, this would have made my life worth while… (But I’ll gladly take seconds.”)

The great paradox of humanity is that what we seek the most, we most resist, like two magnets turning this way and that because they can’t make up their mind.

Hmmmm… shall I separate or congeal? Shall I push off or cohere? Shall I move out or move in?

Well, if you look closely at the activity of lovemaking, popularly called “fucking,” you’ll notice,… it’s both. You have to go out in order to come in to keep the sensation going, and in that moment all that counts is the sensation. (We’ll deal with responsibility, another time.)

The issue is knowing when to do which… come out, go in. You can take a hint from breath. Once you’ve expelled all your breath, you would naturally have an urge to inhale… you’d think.

It’s pretty much the same with sex. When you come out, it’s time to go back in, that is, if you’re a plunger. And even if you’re not a plunger, but a receptor, you’re happy to keep it moving.

But it seems that when it comes the interface between the self that you think you are… over here… and that which appears to be over there, like the environment, or something distasteful or incomprehensible, there often can be hesitation, when to move toward… when to move away. For instance, when to try and get as much for yourself with complete disregard for the consequences to others, or when sharing yourself with life in the most efficacious way possible becomes more attractive.

So where did we leave you? Maybe asking yourself, “Am I hiding out from love?”

The answer is easy… because love is all-consuming; it could veritably eat you up and spit you out, or even worse… not spit you out. And there you’d be…

…permanently affixed to love.


No wonder we hesitate to surrender to the complete immersion in the…

… Infinite Allness of Existence.

Talk about all-consuming…

you bet we’re squirmin’…

Think on’t!

(I’m lovin’ it.)

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