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How do you become the Light of the World? Simple…Fuse. After all, what is light? It is the process of fusion. Two “particles” that are otherwise in resistance to each other (protons,egos, sexes, nationalities, religions, competitors, etc.…) who are forced to break through that natural resistance and converge. Some call it sex. Either way it’s about interpenetration at the most fundamental level. So when we join with another at that deep level, the energy that was used to keep us apart is released …………….as Light.

So how does that process apply to human relationships? Well, we need to overcome our actually unnatural resistance to joining and allow the impulse to join in love to dominate and take us over. We are enabled to do this. The more we internally access that love and submit to its nature. This is the process of spiritual growth.

It’s very simple: Duality deludes us into thinking that if we maintain our separation, we maintain our existence, but the truth is, when we join, when we fuse, we become as light, and indeed become the light of the world.

The way to move through this is to first recognize when you’re in resistance, know that this is the fear of joining, and the perpetuation of the separation, the delusion of duality, stop, ask for the courage and the faith to be able to engage first the resistance itself, and then when that is embraced through love, it’s just a hop step and a jump to moving into joining with another, and at that point light is released into the world. And you’re fulfilling your purpose, your mission… you are being the light of the world.

This is why Jesus encouraged us to go the second mile, because often as not, one of the parties in the conflict is unwilling to embrace the resistance, but indeed, exacerbates the problem through hostility, anger, denial etc. This is why it is up to the more “enlightened” person in the engagement to initiate the shift. (And anyone can be the “more enlightened” person at any given moment. It is a constant choosing no matter how enlightened one has been in the past or is to become, love must be chosen every moment.)

This is good news, but not necessarily easy, because you don’t have to wait for the other person to change in order to deliver the “goods.”. The power to change, to be about the good, is in your capacity to choose differently, and as you connect internally with the source of that power, you are emboldened to go that second mile, cross the bridge/illusion of separation, bring the system back into wholeness, and release more light into the universe. And it is through this simple process that you fulfill who you are and make remarkable contributions to life.

And this is why you really can’t fake it, you can only make it.

Think on’t!


Errol Strider, Artistic Director
The Laughing Heart
(415) 459-4512

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