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Integral Performance Training

Many people have been drawn to the Power of Now. Others are leading the evolutionary thinking with Integral Perspectives.  Many who have been impacted by A Course in Miracles, Conversations with God, The Urantia Book, et al. Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, etc.  All of  us face one common next step, one commanding challenge–and that is —to fully embody our enlightened beliefs.

At the Laughing Heart we propose to help people quite literally embody their highest  perspectives and to enhance their creative abillities to dramatically affect their world.

Through our educational program, “Integral Performance Training,” due to launch January 2011, we plan to offer a creative arena where people can rehearse their emerging  “integral role”–the new and improved whole you!– and make it come dynamically alive in the Now.

Any great performer will tell you that you have to be in the Now to command the stage and wow your audience.  So, what if we took Eckhart Tolle’s vision from The Power of Now and combined that with performance tools from the theater and voila!, you have Integral Performance Training. At to that the call of the Integral vision and our need to move to the next tier of evolution and you have the kind of comprehensive program that can provide the much-needed leadership that 21st Century, if not, the whole millennium, requires.

Integrating Light & Life

This program is for both the on-stage kind performer and those who want to perform better on the stage of life…to enhance your ability to show up with the full company of your COMPLETE SELF.  Imagine the potential impact you can have when you are that congruent! At our very first session you will see and feel the impact and potential of complete congruence…ardent self-composure. Personal Presence.

The live version of this ongoing practice will be taking place in the San Fransisco Bay area after the first of the year. Stay tuned and let us know if you are interested in going this second mile with us.

Errol Strider, Artistic Director,
The Laughing Heart

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