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The Power of Non-Resistance

Facilitated by Rochelle Alicia Strider

An enjoyable and provocative class designed to create more fulfilling relationships with ourselves, others and the Creative Spirit.

“We are always in relationship”

We will:

  • Use playful tools that actors use to play a character (in this case you are the character) and come into relationship with other characters.
  • Experience ways to release judgments from our relationships, especially with ourselves
  • Experience how to laugh at ourselves and others so we can release our creativity.
  • Experience the four principles of a successful relationship.

Enlighten Up!

A seminar in miraculous living. An entertaining way to enlighten the mind, nourish the soul, heal the heart…& laugh your blocks off!

Donation $20

Using humor, performance art, discussion and exercises, the Striders lead participants through a thought provoking, joyous and transformational experience. They start by suing theatre and comedy to interpret principles from A Course in Miracles, The Power of Now and other great spiritual teachings — making the learning process highly entertaining.